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May 30, 2021

Felices Fiestas (Happy holidays) 2021 .

Felices Fiestas  (Happy holidays) 2021 .

Is it a good idea to post a “Felices fiestas. (Happy holidays)” type on my blog?
It shows that we are about to start the holidays. You can’t run away from anyone’s Felices fiestas . Is it a good idea to do it on your blog?
The day of the year came again, .we love each other very much, friends became new family members, acquaintances became friends,. and in the next two weeks we reconciled our enemies. The day of the year came, we love each other very much, friends became new family members, and acquaintances became friends.

After logging back into my LinkedIn account a few days later and seeing about 7 posts titled ” Felices fiestas . “, I thought of this article.
One caught my eye for including something with “thank you” (so you see that the details matter) and I clicked on the link. This post contains a blog link, a larger post, thank you and wish you all a happy holiday. “Go bullshit” crossed my mind. Then I see that the entry had receive quite fourteen comments.

What is Felices Fiestas . (Happy holidays) 2021.

Taking a fast look into the remainder of the entries,. I understand that generally it showed much no participation by users (3 comments in total on the last twenty articles).
Maybe after reading the post title, you thought I would tell you the same thing you encountered when reading a post in a LinkedIn post. Well no … I also remember the post we wrote in Quondos wishing Felices fiestas. (so you can see the bullshit we do and that it is already close to 200 comments.

What am I going to tell you? We love these things. Christmas is a time of year where we all love each other more than normal. Don’t judge it, but enjoy the fact that we all have slightly lower levels of defenses and are open to this type of message. Who should I tell you not to do what comes out of your nose with your blog?
PS: no, this is still not my post in which I wish you Felices fiestas.

What is celebrated on December 25? Christmas gif png Felices fiestas .

In Mexico, Christmas gif & png has been celebrate days before with posadas, parties that take place nine days before December 25 .
To ask for a lodging, songs and litanies are sung to represent the way in which Saint Joseph . The Virgin Mary sought a place to rest, from their departure .
This tradition was imposed by the catechist friars during the Conquest and evangelization of our country.
The friars invented the posadas to uproot the Panquetzaliztli, a name that received the celebration of the birth of Huitzilopochtli, god of war of the Aztecs.

Although a less formal celebration of the December holidays begins with the so-called “Guadalupe-Reyes Marathon”,. Which begins on December 12, the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, and ends on January 6, with the departure of the Rosca de Kings.
Food is a very important element for Mexicans. And during Christmas gif png and New Years is no exception.

Part of the Mexican tradition when celebrating these dates is the famous “reheat”, .Which is nothing more than enjoying the dishes that were consumed during Christmas gif & png dinner the next day.
Among the most typical dishes for this season are turkey, cod, romeritos, apple salad,. Christmas gif png loin or leg, Christmas ham, among others.

 (Happy holidays)”Christmas gif & png.

For some time now, with the idea of imposing a secular state and a society without explicit religious references. Where spirituality has more to do with a kind of animistic esotericism than with personal experience with God,. Symbols begin to eliminate from our sight.
That speak of our Christian roots and, also, to build a new narrative. For this reason, now in certain environments one hears saying Felices fiestashappy holidays“. as if it were any occasion. Obviously, those who speak this way have not had the gift of establishing a personal relationship with the Transcendent or whatever they want to be called.

The gaze is still very material – not because it likes the commercial, although it is not exclude – but, rather, relate to what is touched. That is, to the tangible. But life is also made of intangibles. And since they have not been able to experience, “touch with hand” the goodness of God, discover .His presence, feel how necessary it is in their lives, they think that others do not need it either.
For them, and also for believers. I share a beautiful story by the Jesuit Hedwig Lewis, which can help us understand a little what Christmas png gif is about, beyond the gospel story.

Christmas: when was Jesus born?  .

In reality there is no certainty on what day Jesus was born. The Gospels do not indicate the precise date, there are even contradicting data.
The Catholic Encyclopedia points out.
The Gospels do not provide any help about the date of Christ’s birth; many conflicting facts are base on your information. Its impossible that the census was carried out in winter, since an entire population could not have been on the road. Furthermore. It must have been in winter, since work in the fields was only suspend during this time; but Rome was not so considerate.


Furthermore, authorities differ as to whether shepherds could or should leave their flocks out in the open during the nights of the rainy season.
During the middle Ages the temples celebrated Christmas on different dates. And it is likely that the Popes chose December 25 to commemorate the birth of Jesus with the intention of displacing the pagan celebrations of the winter solstice.
During the reign of Constantine the Great, .The church propose that the birth of the Savior be celebrate on December 25, which coincide  with the Roman celebration of Sol Invictus. 

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